Santos Brussels

Santos.Brussels Functionality, ergonomy, versatility and aesthetics

From our design studio we help you in everything you need to transform your kitchen,

from the project, the choice of materials to the renovation or construction of the space.


We work with a collection of the best European brands and qualified professionals to carry out your renovation.


Services / Brands Solutions for yours needs

Located just a stone's throw from the Châtelain square in Ixelles, our design studio offers a group of brands of European manufacture and international prestige.

At Santos Brussels we design kitchen projects adapted to the needs of our clients. Creating a convivial space that meets demanding aesthetic and functional criteria is our main objective. In addition to a wide range of high quality kitchen furniture, our projects include, if the customer wishes, a careful selection of tiles, luminaires and dining room furniture. 

We offer exclusively the kitchen furniture SANTOS, a brand that manufactures since 1923 with a careful, durable and functional design. 

For worktops, we offer materials of the maximum strength of the Silestone brand. 

We work with a wide range of kitchen appliance manufacturers and being Siemens as our priority partner. 

For the dining room, we mainly collaborate with the prestigious furniture brand Ondarreta and the lighting factory Nemo.

Santos.Brussels gives you advise and offers tiles best suited to your space, range and style of kitchen selected and the client preferences. We work with prestigious brands, and mainly with Vives Ceramica, for the quality of the material and its design.

Finally, we help you designing your kitchen project, as well as getting it installed by a team of qualified professionals in the various sectors, to ensure that no technical detail is left behind.



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